Vidova Gora

The highest peak of all Adriatic islands - Vidova Gora boasts with the height of 778 meters. Its name was obtained from the Slavic deity of war, fertility and abundance, Svetovid.

There are a lot of magical stories woven around this mountain. If you go through the thick pine woods, you might come across the entrance to Vicja cave which is, by legend, connected through the underground with Vicja port near Bobovisca on the other side of the island.

A beautiful view extends to the south side of the island, the Zlatni rat beach and the islands of Vis, Hvar and Korcula, and in nice weather you can also see the Italian Monte Gargano.
A little further from the top you can visit what is left of the early Christian chapel of St. Vitus, and the remains of the double defensive wall that implies to be the part of an old Illyrian fortress.