Vapnenica is a true cultural heritage, reconstructed by local stone work master and volunteers. This location is the perfect spot for those interested in history and culture.

The construction of this limestone structure started on April 21, 2016 as a project by the name "Japnenica - as our ancestors built". The association Zemlja Za Nas (Earth For Us) was the initiator of the project but is was also implemented by numerous associations, which has been active in the protection and promotion of drywall heritage for many years. In April 2016, limestone shelter was built by over a hundred volunteers from all over the world, on Mlatinje hill above Pucisca.

Before, vapnenice were traditionaly built and then burned to the ground in the process of getting lime. That means that there were no vapnenica left on the whole island. By reconstruction and joint efforts of the island associations this vapnenica proudly stands today as a living artefact of the past.