Walk, taste, feel - Discover Dol / Brač

    Route: Village Dol
    Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours
    Level: easy
    Small groups max 8 pax

    Price: 24 €

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    Route description

    Tour guide: Ivana Gospodnetić from family Gospodnetić of Kaštil Gospodnetić

    Dol is a small island village but, because of its beauty and traditional style that will make you feel like you are entering the past, it is one of the most adored places on the island by visitors.

    Island life is still authentic here. On hour long tour through the village Ivana will tell you stories about our everyday life, and some interesting things from past, show you her favorite places.

    The village is very small, but hilly, and you will visit a few beautiful spots with a view.

    You will hear about legends, monsters, sheep and living in the caves.
    You will feel this unique Mediterranean tranquillity.

    You will visit Kastel Gospodnetic, a 400-year-old castle where your guide Ivana lives and works with her family.
    You will tour the house, and then sit together with your guide Ivana and talk, try some local sheep milk cheese and wine that grows and is produced on their farm

    Sightseeing village Dol accompanied by host

    Tasting traditionally made homemade wine and aperitif

    Meal included in tavern Kastel Gospodnetic - cheese, prosciutto, homemade bread with olive and tuna pate, salted anchovies

    Trip information

    • Duration of the tour: 1.5 - 2 hours
    • Previous experience: Not necessary
    • Children: Wellcome .
    • What to Bring: Casual shoes and clothing.
    • Departure time: upon request
    • Activity price: 24 € per person
    • The price includes: Meal, insurance and English speaking guide assistance.
    • Payment: Cash or bank transfers.
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