Adventures Cetina river


    Cetina river possesses outstandingly remarkable scenic, recreational, geologic, fish and wildlife as well as historic and cultural values for this region.

    The river has had its own agenda, its own pace and way for thousands of years.
    Its 105 km and immediate environments are protected for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.

    There is something indescribable that happens to you when you spend time on the Cetina river and you easily get hooked on it. You learn to unplug for a few hours, you appreciate nature and sleep very calm and deep in the night.

    From open landscapes and banks to natural jacuzzis and tight, twisty canyons or wide fields sometimes made of karst and sometimes of lush vegetation, Cetina is really top on just about every thrill-seeking traveler’s list.

    Whether you are enjoying sunrise or sunset on upper, middle or lower stream, indulging the views of Dalmatian hinterland or tasting local food, you smile more and it seems that those scenes and feelings of enchantment will never end.

    Food also tastes better with a hearty infusion of fresh air and you learn that the best fun is not found in an amusement park. Nature becomes your playground as you enroll in some of its fantastic activities.

    Tune with life on and around the river and everything else fades away. Scroll on for a list of most popular activities on the Cetina river.



    Water-rushing-over-rocks sound gets into your bones and although it is a moderate fitness level activity, those tense muscles in your shoulders relax and you are able to disconnect from your daily life.

    Experiencing river canyon has never been more fun and shouldn’t be missed! Tour requires no previous experience and is suitable for children aged 8.


    Splashing through whitewater always gets your heart pumping whether you are an experienced paddler or a newbie.

    On the Cetina river you will experience so much fun so best to set aside your expectations and go with the flow and help of our experienced instructors.


    River tubing

    The best thing about this tour, besides being awesome and fun, is that there are no crowds. 

    Unplug for a few hours on a middle stream of the Cetina river, grab your donut and get ready for a relaxing and yet so much enjoyable slide down the calmer parts of the canyon.


    Canoe safari

    Float down a scenic river canyon in two-seater rubber canoes.

    Even guides navigating the same route every day or week will tell you that appreciating nature never gets boring here on the Cetina river.

    Calmer parts of the river exchange with class II and III whitewater rapids on this river section.


    Extreme canyoning

    In our extreme version of canyoning on the Cetina river you can also experience rappelling down Great and Small Gubavica waterfall (53 and 18m height).

    Extreme version means getting out of your comfort zone but it doesn’t require any previous experience.

    Pump your adrenaline levels and enjoy natural water slides, hiking, swimming and floating along the most beautiful section of Cetina river.

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